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IMELA is a Powerful Song of Praise & Thanksgiving by Minister Blessing Iduh. IMELA means “THANK YOU” and in this song, we are saying “JEHOVAH IMELA”. Looking at your life from the beginning till now, you must agree that God has indeed shown His Mighty Hands in your life in one way or the other. God is indeed an ever-faithful God. He is always present to show His Mercy and Faithfulness in our life’s situation. If not for anything, for the fact that you are alive to see this day is enough to say JEHOVAH “IMELA”. So many things happen around us on a daily basis, but God exempts us, not because we deserve it but because he has just chosen to be merciful unto us.

This song is for you!, if God has ever done something for you that you are grateful for, this song is for you if you are grateful to God for keeping you alive, this song is for you if you agree that God has just chosen to be faithful to you, not because you deserve it, but because of His Mercies and grace that is ever sufficient for us according to 2 Cor. 12 Vs 9.

So sing this song with a deep heart of Gratitude and thanksgiving for the marvelous deeds of the Almighty God, who is ever so faithful … Halleluyah!

Produced by Favour Chikason (Favkeyz) of Gospel Tunes Records.

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Somebody praise HIM

Give Jesus Praaaaise…

You have done me well

So I’ve come to testify

Of your faithfulness to me

It’s marvelous in my sight

You dwell in the midst of your people

We have so much to show

Almighty God, our praise belongs to you


Onye n’ememma (Imela)

Agu N’chemba (Imela)

Ikwukwu ama n’onyah (Imela)

Uzu nakpunwanafo (Imela)

Onye n’maemma Chukwuoma mee (Imela)

Eze kasi eze nile (Imela)

Aka n’agbaji igwe chimu oma (Imela)

Uzu n’akpu nwa n’afo (Imela)

From the east to the west to the north and the south

I never seen any God like you

That’s why I call you

Alagbada ina

Your name is a mighty strong tower

You are my awesome wonder

That’s why I say

Nara ekele muo ooooo

Onye neme nma (Imela)

Agu n’echemba eze kasi eze (Imela)

Osi nwa diri nne ya chukwu oma mee (Imela)

Uzu nkpu nwa n’afo (Imela)

Onye nemerem ihe oma (Imela)

Aka n’agbaji igwe chukwu nnam mu ehhhh (Imela)

Esoro amara uzo nwanne otu onyeeee (Imela)

Uzu nkpu nwa n’afo (Imela)

Imela oooo Chukwu oma

My ever living God

You are my game changer

Heaven and earth bow before you

You are my awesome wonder

That’s why I say nara ekele muo ooooooooooo

Onye neme nmaaaaaa eeeeeeh (Imela)

Olor’ihe lor’ihe lor’ihe lor’ihe loro enyi (Imela)

Aka n’agbaji igwe chim oma (Imela)

Onye nji eje eje n’ana ana (Imela)

Onye nji eme onu daddy muooooooooooooo (Imela)

Isi nke ndu daddy muooo (Imela)

Uzu n’akpu nwa n’afo chukwu oma mue (Imela)

O Jehovah (Imela)

Chukwu nna (Imela)

Onye nji eme onu (Imela)

Onye nji eje mba (Imela)

Ogbajiri igwe kpoya nkwu (Imela)

Eze na chi achi (Imela)

Uzu nakpu nwa (Imela)

Eze nji eje eje (Imela)

Agu nechemba (Imela)

Igwe igwe igwe igwe igwe igwe

Onye neme nma (Imela)

Onye nemerem ihe oma (Imela)

Aka n’agwo oria (Imela)

Ojiji jide mma (Imela)

Uzu nakpu nwa (Imela)

onye nji eje eje (Imela)

N’eje eje, n’ana ana (Imela)

nara ekele muo (Imela)

Isi nke ndu (Imela)

Eze na abia ozo (Imela)

Nara ekele muo (Imela)                                                                                                                   

Nara otuto muo (Imela)

Nara ekele muo (Imela)

Oruru gi, nara ya, nara ya, nara ya, nara ya chika dibia



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