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“I Worship You” is Blessing Iduh’s debut track. This song, according to her, was inspired by the Holy Spirit. It is a spirit filled gospel song that is motivated by the Greatness of the Almighty God. It is the first to be released of my album that will be out this 2019

Listen to this song and digest the lyrics, and be Blessed.

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“I Worship You” – Lyrics

Verse One
I woke up this morning I looked to myself
What I see amazes me
Oh your love
Is written all around me Jesus
And I wonder
Why, you love me so
Cause your love
Has made me so special
So I lift up my voice my hands and say
I love you lord
And I worship you
You reign

I will worship you
I worship you
I worship you
You reign

(Repeat Chorus)

Verse Two

Heaven and earth adore You oh God
And Angels bow before You
Oh I worship You
You reign in my life
You are my God
You are my king
The shepherd of my soul
The lifter of my hands
You are the reason I’m alive
The reason why I breathe
Lord I love, I love you
I worship you worship you oh
You are the reason for my living
You are my God, You are my King
Oh Lord I worship

I will worship you (You are the king of Glory)
I worship you (You are the first and the Last)
I worship you
You reign (oh take glory Jesus)
I worship You (You are the master of the universe)
I worship You (oh I love you Jesus)
You Reign
Oh! Ojiji jide mma
Agu naechemba
Esoro amarauzor
Nwanne otuonye
Alpha na Omega
You Reign
Dike na dimkpa nayah
Onye naememma
Anu ana agbaegbe ona ata nriya daddy
You Reign

You came from heaven to earth
And destroyed the works of satan
And gave me victory

Call – Father you reign
Response – You reign
Call – You reign
Response – You reign
Call – You reign
Response – You reign
Call – You reign
Lord I will worship you, you reign
(Repeat vamp 4 times)
Worship you
Lord I will worship you
You Reign

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